luni, 1 aprilie 2013

How i entered the void with Methadone Skies

Well i know this guys from their early days. When i first heard them, i was happy to see that we have fresh sound in our city. Young bloods with psychedelia in their minds.Their first release was a bit rushed and you could hear that they were searching. Hopefully that search didn't end. Their second release, starring two guitar players manage to sound interesting, dreamy and quite popular. Groovy riffs  traveling through balanced rhythm and sweet delays, were filling my earphones for the first time i heard the album. It has a unique personality,  types of songs which i am sure delighted stoner heads around the planet. Songs are built faster into their apex and then let to fade into the loud abyss.They escalate quickly and roar searching for recognition. They are a mud star ready to shine into the void from the enter to the exit of the album. It's a sonic adventure which i strongly recommend to be served with a stinky joint and a cold beer. I love their live performances, especially the way they improvise the tunes. It's a big step in their path, and i am sure that the best is yet to come.

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