luni, 15 iulie 2013

The austrian Torso

Hailing from the imperial Vienna, Torso are a  groovy psychedelic band with an extra flavor. That extra is called voice. Yes, a screamy high-piched voice. I love the fact that both guitarists are yelling their soul on stage. They are calling out for Monalisa or taking introspective trips into obsessive tunes, building up a fire into your brain.They remind me of the Durango swedes. I've seen them 5 times and each one, it was like a brand new experience. They are getting better and weirder every time i hear them. They seem like a restless body of  riff muscles and a backbone made of fat drums held together by a crawling Fender bass. They are a wild bunch, with delicious guitar solos. We had them for 3 times in Timisoara and each time the crowd was amazed. In the end i hope that the black man that haunts witches, can hear it's voice inside one Monalisa.

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