luni, 3 august 2015

How heavy are their minds?

Now this is what i call a dynamic space power trio. I am writing this article as i am listening for the 4th time The Heavy Minds album called Treasure Coast. The artwork and lyrics kept my attention right from the start. The speakers put me into a cool seventies mood as the tunes were coming out, until the third song which soaked my ears into the acoustic realm. The album is very dreamy, balanced and the  guitar tones are in great shape. I liked the percussion fragment, the spaced out vocals and the deep old school organ. Radio fragments are properly infused for a more deep and personal experience with their music. The great news about this part is that they released the album on vinyl at StoneFree and you can order it here

The Heavy Minds reminds me of The Doors, Blue Cheer, Wolfmother, The Parlor Mob and all the magic drug inducted music that lasts for decades. Revival or not, the result is a juicy album, with candid lyrics and a heavy dose of sincerity. I’m sure that seeing this band live is a quite an experience. I don't know them but i love to see them play live and loud.
There is a fire in their veins and it should burn in heavy riffs from now on. In the end all i can add is that I’m glad  I’ve found an island in your heart a treasure on your coast.

Tune in!