luni, 1 aprilie 2013

Kamifuzzy and how it's going down

It started a couple of years ago, after seeing great rock and roll gigs  in Vienna, Budapest and Erdberg, we started to think that, with a lot of compassion and dedication to live music, we can start organizing cool gigs. We love music, and we love it a lot, and that is the driving force that made us who we are today. We just wanted to see cool bands playing in our hometown.True bands with soul and dedication to the realm of the blissful sound.Along  the years we had psychedelic, stoner, alternative and mind blowing bands that we don't even know how to label, and that's the beauty of it.The more diverse and intriguing the better for our ears and thoughts.  We made this so that we can all enjoy the live experience of loud music, for the waving pants and mesmerizing faces at the start of a cool tune. We all play music and we know what involves  touring. With every gig we learned new and useful things and in the end we:  Bren , Jess , Szilard and Vali, are  ready to go down in the hearts of true music fans.From the booking part and logistics, to the sweet media memories, we are more than happy for making it happen. So far we did gigs with awesome bands like: My Sleeping Karma, Karma to Burn , Seven that Spells, Stonebride, Secret Chiefs 3 , A.P.P.A.T, Rozbub, Torso, Methadone Skies, Blight and The :Egocentrics.
Until next one, stay wild and rock free!

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